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Six of One, Half Dozen the Other


Yep, this is a blog. What’s it about? Where did the names “middlerage” and “tea time” come from? The domain name MiddleRage comes from the thought that…oh…around age 37 I started to feel the incipient anger peculiar to middleaged men. Men who yell at the TV, and curse the car that doesn’t understand the rules of the four-way stop. Men who have turned from the disrespectful to the disrespected. In short, the kind of person who thinks they have important things to say, and might have…yep, a blog.

This is a blog about my observations and opinions. I hope some of them will be angry. Your mileage will vary. A good friend has an awesome blog that is full of darn good writing and some cool inventions. Plus a lot of bar reviews.  I won’t even try to have a good blog like that. Mine is mostly about my personal observations, (or angry lamentations). And perhaps a bit of aggregating from other blogs I find interesting.

You should also know, this blog does not filter “bad words” e.g. see my post about using the F bomb. So if you hail from the sensitive part of the spectrum you may want to pass on by (missing all this genius and awesomeness. Oh well).

Perhaps this blog should be titled, My beach My waves. I like that. For now, though, it has the odd title Tea Time with Jesse. “What’s the provenance of this title,” you ask? I used to work at a university. I was a member of the research staff. Typically, at a university, faculty (which I was not) pursue tenure. They teach classes, do research, and publish papers. Perhaps, most importantly and sadly, they win research money. But often the tenure requirements add a little extra condition, a vague requirement known as “service.” Which translates into: serve on admissions committees, advise undergraduates, plan field trips, et cetera.  Nobody else is required to do service, (although my department actually assigned service duties to the grad students as well – things like planning the spring picnic and such. Pretty cool idea I think).

Since I was only staff, there was no requirement to do service. It would be cruel to require, for instance, the department secretary to do some kind of service on top of everything else. They’re not up for tenure, and service has no bearing on whether they are correctly doing their job duties. However, I was fond of our department. I felt a desire to provide some service. Thus I went to the Chair and asked if I could sort rock samples or move furniture or something. Instead, she mentioned as how she’d always wanted to have an afternoon tea, where the department could gather and chat and connect. It wasn’t about the tea (and cookies too!) it was about networking, seeing your colleagues and students in an informal setting; it was a chance for discussing science, the world, and everything. Tea time was a hit, and still going!

So I hope this blog turns into an online tea time – an informal, but deep conversation about anything and everything. With maybe a bit of angry middlerage thrown in.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Sue said

    Hi! I’m Sue, and I’m from SlimKicker, a diet/fitness app and website. I bumped into your blog a few days ago and it captured my interest!

    I’m contacting you b/c we’re about to release a fitness tracker (similar to FitBit) early next year, and are looking for bloggers who would be interested in getting 1 for free to review when it is out (negative or positive).

    Would you be interested in doing this? You can email me at: sue (at) slimkicker (com) with ‘Review’ in the email heading if you are.

    Just to let you know, our website SlimKicker basically turns your diet/fitness goals into a fun level-up game. The tracker will work with the website, and allow people to track calories burned and number of steps they walk automatically. The more they exercise, the more points they rack up! That’s basically how it will work.

    Anyway, hope to hear back either way…

    – Sue
    P.S. You can choose not to approve this comment as this is more of a private comment 🙂

  2. Kristi said

    Love the concept, the name, and your ability to walk me through fixing my washer! Yay! I’ll be back!

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