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Category Explained – Short Ones

Update: I have changed this category from Little Ones to Short Ones. Little Ones sounds too much like a category about children. Instead of a category concerning small post.


I started a new category several posts ago, and failed to ever explain it.  I wanted to have a category for brief statements, brain farts, short ideas more appropriate to a tweet than a blog. Many many years ago I lived in Austin Texas, and there I ran across a pretty cool poet. One time at a reading he broke away from the usual poems of expected length to read some short poems, verse farts. I loved them! Great little bits of poetry. He called them “Little Ones,” and I hesitate to invoke him or his category, because, alack and alas, I can’t remember his name. I really really really (did I say really yet?) want to give credit where credit is due. How can one give credit without knowing the target. In fact, one of his verse farts sticks with me to this day. If I can ever find out his name I will even reprint it. But in the lack of a creditable source it wouldn’t be fair to the guy. Anybody could steal the poem.

Oh well. In the spirit of little ones, I will time from time put out short blog posts. Note – these will not be poems, just short thoughts. A good friend of mine has an excellent blog, and he solicits haikus from his readership. In that spirit, if any of my readers have any thoughts-o-the-day, verse farts, bon mots, mot justes, or plain ol’ little ones drop me a line and it will likely get presented on this blog read by tens (of eyeballs).

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