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Threefer Thor’s Day – Part III – Photos of the Great War

Posted by middlerage on May 1, 2014

thorOn June 28th it will be 100 years since Princip Gavrilo popped a cap in Arch Duke Ferdinand, setting in motion the tragedy of WWI. The In Focus series at The Atlantic has an early start to centenary memoriums with a set of 45 photos from the war. They will add more throughout this 100th anniversary year. And a shoutout to Caprox who is a similar war history buff (though he knows wayyyy more than I).

World War I in Photos: Introduction (http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2014/04/world-war-i-in-photos-introduction/100723/)

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Browner Shit

Posted by middlerage on February 20, 2014

So I was reading the label on a can of some “traditional” refried beans, and one of the ingredients was partially hydrogenated lard. wtf?

I’m no food scientist (however I play one on TV), but I do enjoy reading health articles, and my understanding was that oils are hydrogenated to make them solid at room temperature and have other desirable qualities like shelf life and baking luster. This also leads to trans-fat, and if it is solid at room temperature it might be solid in your arteries. Which is bad.

Now if I go down to the grocery store and look at a tub of Snow Cap lard (what an awesome name; like alpine breeze cigarettes) wouldn’t it already be solid?!? At room temperature?!? Why on earth would it need to be partially hydrogenated?

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Is it Just Me or are Trucks Getting Faster?

Posted by middlerage on February 20, 2014

It used to be with a groan that I’d find myself behind an eighteen wheeler or Mack dump truck at a stop light. But anymore, they accelerate as fast as a car, and if I switch lanes to avoid them I soon regret it as I put medal to the metal and barely slide in front.

One thought is newer, better transmissions and/or more efficient and ‘torquy’ engines (not that diesels haven’t always been torquie).

The other thought is I am becoming one of ‘those’ drivers…  old and pokey. And now even trucks seem fast to me. Color me chagrined, and hopefully wrong. I’m stickin’ with theory number one.

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