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Music Fridays – A Samovar of Musical Fun

Posted by middlerage on September 26, 2014

I ferget how I stumbled on this whacky Ruskie band (well, ruskie founded Austrian band), but they’s a whole lotta fun. And they have horns!

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Music Fridays – It’s the Weekend So…

Posted by middlerage on August 9, 2014

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Music Fridays – A Request

Posted by middlerage on May 2, 2014

So one of the more interesting phenomenons of the digital age is the mashup (see definition here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mashup_%28music%29). Conceivably I should love mashups, because I love such a variety of musical genres, and indeed I am really compelled by the idea – I am always listening to mashups when I stumble on them. Mysteriously, despite being a perfect target for mashups, I have YET to find one I like. I dunno why. It should be fishing in a barrel.

So your task, dear reader, is to proffer mashups you think I’d like and maybe I’ll finally discover that el dorado.

In the meantime here is a cool video I discovered courtesy of Mark L. It is not a mashup, but hey, it’s still very cool.


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