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The Tyranny of the Majority

Posted by middlerage on March 28, 2013

Once upon a time, I learned an interesting concept from a Libertarian professor. We need a representative form of government and a Supreme Court to protect the interests of minorities from the Tyranny of the Majority. (I mention the prof was libertarian, because it is interesting hearing a defense of big ‘S’ state come from that quarter. Tho’ I admit, ‘tarians don’t want no government, just less).

It has been an interesting week watching the Supreme Court grapple with marriage equality, homosexuality, and DOMA. One thing I hear over and over, as I listen to the news, is that those opposed to the idea of equality for homosexuals are no longer saying, “It’s immoral! Ban it outright!” Now they are saying, “It’s a democracy. Let’s let The People vote on it. Have referendums! It’s patriotic AND democratic, and even liberals can’t argue with democracy, right?” ¬†And therein lies the snare of the Tyranny of the Majority. Justices, and Laws, and government are there to protect us from that tyranny.

It is a majority Christian nation. What if the majority wanted to mandate that only christian holidays would be observed? Most of us are pretty able, what if we wanted to mandate no more Americans With Disabilities Act? And, most of the country is white. What if the whites wanted to… well, been there.

So ya see, democracy is great, but balance is required.

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