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My GE Profile Washer Won’t Drain

Posted by middlerage on March 23, 2010

Recently, my clothes washer stopped working right at the drain and spin part of the cycle. With the help of the internet I was able to fix it. What a great age we live in (and how do repairmen make money anymore?). In this one post you will find, I hope, a helpful, detailed explanation of how I fixed the drain problem of my GE Washer; with pictures!

[Readers who pop in here after doing a web search should note this is a blog, and particularly not a blog about general household fixits. If you explore beyond this one entry, it is recommended you read the “About” tab at the top.]

[Update 11-30-2011: This post is very popular, and many folks leave comments. People are finding help, even if their Washer is not the same model as this. Others leave helpful advice, e.g. comments 54 and 56 and 64. Know that I read all your comments, and appreciate them. Cheers, and good luck with your repairs!]

So this concerns the GE Profile series. My model number is WPSR3100, but the owners manual also lists all of these models, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the drain pumps are very similar (if not the same): WASR3110, WMSR3110, WPSL3120, WPSR3090, WPSR3100, WPSR3120, WPSR4130, and WSSR3120. In my case, the model number was very easy to find – on the back of the instrument panel, and printed in a direction that made it very easy to read while leaning over the washer. Kudos to GE for that. There’s actually no need in this how-to for the model number unless your machine is broke enough to require a part order.

Well, after doing a web search on the phrase “My GE Profile Washer won’t drain” I quickly hit on several forums where the answer was resoundingly – The PUMP!Β  Either the pump is clogged or possibly the drain hose leading from the tub to the pump is clogged. I want to give credit where credit is due – I’m no repair technician – I got my answers from these two forums: here and especially here where a technician gave a great summary of how to tackle problem.

Before we start a NOTE! I wouldn’t have bothered with repairing it myself if I didn’t already own a wet/dry vac for sucking out all of the undrained water. It made the mess factor way more palatable. It’s not a requirement, but without one be sure to have plenty of towels on hand.

Like mentioned before, the washer not draining is most likely a malfunctioning pump. In my case the washer ran great, then did nothing during the drain cycle (and subsequent spin cycle), except for a barely audible humming noise. The timer ran all the way through, however, and completed a full cycle. It just left me with a tub full of soapy water and soggy clothes.

Step 1: Unplug! Safety first. Electrocution is a bummer.

NOTE: clicking on pictures will take you to a larger pic.

Step 2: Remove the front panel. There are two tabs at the top sides of the front panel, underneath the top deck. The tabs can be pushed in with a putty knife or slot screwdriver. I used a screwdriver and did end up with some minor scratching. The washer is 10 years old, so I am not so worried about scratching. If it is important to you, then a putty knife will probably result in less scratching. The tabs are odd things, and it takes some effort to push them in. The front panel then just lifts up off bottom hooks and can be set aside. The tab is the blurry (sorry), silver thing in the top of the pic. Getting the tabs to release and reattaching the drain hose (at end of story below) were the hardest parts of this project.

Once I had the front panel off I instantly knew what the culprit was. About a week prior, we had washed a children’s stuffed toy, and it had burst a seam and the batting (stuffing) had leaked out. It seemed like no big deal at the time, but when I got the front panel off, I found the interior of the washer, between box and tub, was filled with the batting. How it got into that space is anybody’s guess. I shoulda taken a pic before I cleaned it out, but here is a pic from the trash can.

Step 3: Suck out all the water, and remove soggy clothes. Like I said, the wet/dry vac was handy.

Step 4: Tilt the washer back. This was helpful advice from the technician in the forum, and it serves to keep any remaining water from the front, where the drain hose connects. When you disconnect,Β  this will cut down on soupy mess to clean up (in my case there was only a dribble, so I had no mess at all. Yay!). I used a car jack stand, on its side, to keep the washer propped up. Again, if I didn’t have a supply of tools around anyway, I may have just punted and called a repairman.

Step 5:Β  The pump is a surprisingly small thing located at the bottom right of the washer box (see picture to left). Disconnect the tub drain hose (black and flexible) and the house drain hose (hard, white) from the pump. Here I really wished I had an angled set of pliers. I was able to make do with regular pliers set on wide. The hoses are held by pinch hose clamps.

In this next picture I am looking inside the black drain hose for anything that might be a clog. Nope, nothing there. Now to unbolt the pump from the box floor….

Step 6: There are two bolts holding the pump to the washer. It is very easy to remove.

Step 7: The pump is half motor and half housing. The housing incorporates the two hose connections and the impeller that drives the water. The housing is easily opened up by locating the stop that locks it together. It’s hard to see in the photo, but the stop is the center of the picture to the right. Just bend that stop up and twist open like a bottle cap. Below, you can see the big wad of compacted batting that was stopped up against the impeller (hidden under my hand), and preventing the pump from operating.

Step 8: Throw away the clog (I know, duh. Remove foil before inserting suppository.) Then put everything back together. Except I advise to leave the front panel off so you can watch everything work while you run one or two test washings. This is to be sure you have the hoses connected tightly enough to prevent leaks. The one bump on my path to success was that the drain hose clamp was extremely hard to pinch back on. I got it well enough, and had no leaks. When I ran a test cycle the pump worked perfectly, and I had the problem solved for no money. Be warned that the washer has a long pause between filling and clicking over to draining, so don’t get anxious and think your hard work didn’t have results.

I know I can get wordy, so let me know if there is a better way to explain a step or clarify something. I hope you have success and many happy home repairs πŸ™‚

Update 04-05-2010: A commenter adds some helpful advice:

When I removed the clamp from the black drain hose, I had quite a bit of water leak out even though I had emptied the water from the tub and used towels to soak up the remaining water. Be prepared for this when removing the clamp from the black hose. Pinch the black hose with your thumb and finger, and then have the remaining water drain into a container.

Update 03-02-2011: Reader Steve has a helpful tip:

BTW, I found a pair of vise-grips works well to set the clamp. They let you easily hold the clamp in an open position while you get it place on the hose.

Update 04-18-2011: Reader Shon has a clever way to re-attach the drain hose – which was a hassle:

The other end was connected to the bottom of the tub with a screw clamp, which was easy to remove and install. Outside of the washer, the pinch clamp was easy to position.

Update 12-22-2011: An appliance repairman in the comments suggests Vaseline as a clever way to re-attach the drain hose:

To make it easier to reattach the hose and the clamp, use a bit of vaseline inside and outside the rubber hose. The hose will slip onto the pump with ease, the clamp will slide into place easier, and the pump will be a wee less likely to drip.

And if you have a wet vac, use it to empty the tub, and then empty your vac, and use it again as you disconnect the hoses from the pump, for there is still half a gallon of water in the washer. Turn on the vac, position the vac hose close to the washer hose, and gently pull the washer hose free from the washer pump. Slide your already running vac hose into the washer hose and catch 90% of the remaining water!

246 Responses to “My GE Profile Washer Won’t Drain”

  1. danny v said

    very well done and impressive, great directions, you should be proud
    hip hip hurrah
    hip hip hurrah
    hip hip hurrah

  2. Dilip Thakrar said

    Thank you very much for taking the time to describe in detail the problem and the solution with pictures. You saved me a lot of money and the time that I would have had to take off from work to meet the service professional. When I removed the clamp from the black drain hose, I had quite a bit of water leak out even though I had emptied the water from the tub and used towels to soak up the remaining water. Be prepared for this when removing the clamp from the black hose. Pinch the black hose with your thumb and finger, and then have the remaining water drain into a container. The problem I had was that the pump was cloged with fluff from a torn pillow. The clog was easy to remove. Connecting everything back, I also had a difficult time putting the clamp back in its original place on the black hose. I got it close enough and checked for leaks. There were no leaks. The washer is now draing the water properly. Thanks to Middlerage for his post.

  3. Chris P said

    Thx alot, knew the basics of what i thought was wrong, but didn’t quite know how to get into the pump. I pulled a piece of fabric/insulation from somewhere in the system out. I was amazed when i pulled a piece out that was about 6 inches long. Well done

  4. Jeff said

    Thanks a million (or at least a few hundred). A wire from an underwire bra was the culprit, and your detailed step-by-step instructions complete with pictures gave me the confidence to dive in and attempt (and complete!) the repair myself.

  5. Mrs. L said

    Thanks, very good directions, awesome I follow them and I fix it.

  6. Phoenix Black said

    Thank you so much for this post. My wife and I used your suggestions step by step. I couldn’t believe that such a tiny piece of fluff could shut down an entire machine. We could not have done it without your help and your humorous take made matters all the easier to handle. thank you thank you thank you!

  7. Earnest said

    Wow, that was all that I needed. I found a pair tiny boxers that belong to my son clogging up the drain. I save myself hundreds of dollars thanks to you.

  8. […] […]

  9. Patricia said

    I followed your direction and found a sock in the drain. The only trouble that I had was with the dreaded clamp on the black drain hose. It took me awhile to get it clamped on properly without it leaking. This saved me hundreds of dollars that I did not have.

  10. Dan said

    Awesome! I was able to fix my clogged washing machine from a disintegrated bathmat my wife washed one to many times. I’m sure this saved me several hundred dollars I don’t have.

  11. M said

    Awesome! My situation was almost exactly what yours was. You saved me a lot of time and money.

  12. Rachel said

    Fantastic directions!! I had washed one of my kids Pillow Pets yesterday and some of the stuffing came out. Your directions were impecable! Neither me or my husband are handy but your directions were precise so we figured it out and we saved the 125$ Sears wanted to come and fix it. Thanks!!

  13. middlerage said

    Dan, M, and Rachel – good job! Glad you all fixed for free. Saving money is a happy thing.

  14. Anonymous said

    You’re the best! I did it. The hardest part for me was getting the flange back on the pump otherwise kudos to you. You rock!

  15. Jerry said

    Wife washed some bathmats, and sure enough, it plugged up the pump. Thanks for the terrific write-up; did the trick, fast, easy, and free!

  16. Monica said

    You have no idea how happy you made me!!! It’s just a few days before Christmas and with things being tight enough as it is, I thought I might have to buy a new machine. Thank goodness for the internet and individuals like you that put this info out there. I found a piece of a rug stuck in the white piping that was stopping up the impeller/pump. The clamp on the black hose was a pain to put back on but it was well worth the struggle and nicks on my hand. Kudos to you!

  17. Kim said

    Your directions were great. I found a sock in my drain. Thanks for taking the time to post this.

  18. Tony said

    Great directions. Thanks for posting. I have another GE model not listed but the directions worked just the same. I found a short sock in the black drain pipe against the pump. I just ran a test wash and all is working perfectly. How a short sock got in there I still have yet to figure out. Maybe the gremlin who steals your socks had one too many last night and mistakenly took the washer for a dryer?!?!?!?

  19. Mark said

    I tried all this stuff and it worked!Life is good when you take care of your own business!!!

  20. E. H. said

    Thank you so much for this! My machine had been periodically acting up and not draining. I would usually smack it into shape, but this weekend that wasn’t working. I followed your directions and found the culprit – a stupid quarter! I actually made money off of this, lol.

  21. Steve said

    Thanks so much for this tutorial! You just saved my washer! I followed your instructions and had the unit back to working in about an hour. I found a guitar pick that had pinned itself in the pump housing!

  22. Mike said

    Dude, this tutorial rules. My guilty party was some material from a dog bed that was washed the day before. I figured it was the pump and the first google search brought me here. Perfect. If you were local I’d buy you a beer or several. Thanks!

  23. Morissa Webb said

    Thank you so much for this. We found a baby sock in the black hose.

  24. Deb said

    Thank you so much! I found my son’s sock stuck in the black drain hose. It’s out and the machine works perfectly. Love the feeling of success and greatly appreciate the time & effort you put into your detailed directions & photos.

  25. middlerage said

    Mike Morissa and Deb – thanks for the feedback. Glad it all worked out.

  26. Anonymous said

    Amazing!! Thank you so much…had the washer fixed in no time!

  27. Roberto said

    Hi…thanks for all that great info…I have the same problem…I need a new motor…where did you buy your parts ?

  28. Shon said

    Thanks, tons. In my case it turned out to be something that looked like a game piece from a cheap Scrabble clone. I also struggled for quite a while with getting the black hose back on, until I had the great idea to look at the other end of the hose. The other end was connected to the bottom of the tub with a screw clamp, which was easy to remove and install. Outside of the washer, the pinch clamp was easy to position. The other alternative I was considering was to replace the pinch clamp with a screw clamp

  29. Corinne said

    Thank you so much for this! The other websites were not describing the symptoms specifically enough for me to determine the problem. I figured the pump was shot because it was not making any noise. It was just fluff from a pillow after all.

    I don’t have a shop vac, so I used a siphon tube that I use to clean out my fish tanks to drain the washer.

  30. Bonnie said

    My husband and I would like you thank you so much!!!
    We followed step by step and it was exactly the same problem. The washing machine is working now, back to normal!

  31. Anonymous said

    Mine is a GE Harmony and I had the same problem. In my case the culprit was one of my teenage daughters nylon socks. My panel doesn’t come off in the front, I tipped my washer back, located the drain pump, removed the pump and had to fish the sock out with a pair of needle nose pliers and a fish hook as it was up inside the bottom of the drum and there is a small v pipe there. I would have never had the courage to do this without your post and so glad I did. It was going to be six days to get a repair tech out here to do this, and as a mom with 4 kids, waiting almost a week to do laundry was NOT an option.
    Thanks so much again for your post!!!

  32. Tammy said

    Thank you so much… followed your instructions and found a kids watch minus the straps had become lodge in the pump….working great now!

  33. Whitney said

    Thank you a ton! I did not want to pay a ton to get our washer fixed so I figured I would research and try to do it myself. You instructions are great and this was exactly what happened to my machine. A baby sock was to blame!

  34. John Graham said

    Thanks for taking the time to provide great directions to clean the pump. It worked like a charm and saved me a lot of time on money. Thanks again.

  35. Thankful Mama said

    Dumb pillow pet says it’s machine washable, then when you machine wash it it bursts open and ruins the machine. I was so discouraged until I found your directions. The pictures were so helpful and gave me the confidence to dive in and repair my machine. It was exactly what you said and pretty easy too! Thank you for helping all of us fix our own machines and save during these hard times!!!

  36. Annemarie said

    Thank you so much for explaining in detail and pictures!!!
    This saved me a ton of money πŸ˜€

  37. middlerage said

    I appreciate all the kind comments. I read them all.

  38. Dave said

    Thanks for the pics and directions. I feel like I actually accomplished something like in the good old days when we could work on most things. I wish I could say I found something stuck in the pump, but didn’t. Flushed all the drain tubes. Our laundry comes out with quite a bit of lint and doesn’t seem to be as clean as it should. The washer is only a couple years old. Anyone have any ideas?

    • middlerage said

      Sorry to hear. Do you think it could be the home’s sewage system and nothing to do with the washer? May need to call a repairman after all. Two years is too short a time to buy a new washer.

  39. Chris R said

    My washer had lint from a bath rug clogging the pump. Your instructions were easy to follow and I had no problems. My Mother-in-Law was so impressed that I fixed it. Thanks so much for posting.

  40. Joscelyn said

    Thank you thank you thank you!! I had washed a dog bed that COMPLETELY came apart in the washing machine. After cleaning it out, the rinse, spin, and draining would not work. I was devastated when I found out it was going to be 85 dollars for a repair man to come fix it. After taking it apart by your instructions sure enough, debris from the dog bed was clogging the pump. I pulled it out, put it back together and it’s working like new!! (Although yes… I do recommend a vac to clean out water. That mess was not fun to clean.) But I feel like I accomplished something and am SO happy I saved 85 dollars and weeks worth of dirty clothes build up. I can’t say thank you enough!!!

  41. Anonymous said

    OMG you just made me look like a hero to my wife. She washed a dog bed that had a slight tear and the stuffing blocked up the pump. GE wanted $75 just to send someone out to inspect. For the record I have model WPRE8150K2WT and the instructions were identical. I had this done in under an hour.

  42. Tommy said

    Great advice. Had the exact same problem with a pillow that went through the wash a week ago and came apart. Yes, removing the front panel was very easy with a putty knife and no scratches. I don’t have a wet vac, but used a small rubber hose to siphon most of the water into a floor drain. Bailed the rest out by hand. Vice grips made removal and replacement of the clamps a lot easier. You forgot the most important instruction. Tell your spouse not to put pillows in the wash any more!

  43. Anonymous said

    I don’t even know you, but you are the most AWESOME person in the world!! We had a horrible night last night with sickness and then when my husband was washing a pillow pet, it ripped apart and fluff went everywhere! Then the washer stopped working on the next load. I was beside myself thinking of the cost of bringing someone out to fix it. I began searching on the web and found YOU! My HERO! I found the clog and now my washer is working great! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  44. Anonymous said

    Service Center wanted 80 to come out plus labor and parts. I have a newer washing but was having the same problem. I followed the patteren she was saying to do.
    I un-twisted the cap on the drain and a bunch of water with tons of coins and wad of hair came out. This saved my alot of money. Thank you so much for the help.

  45. Anonymous said

    Thank you for posting this. It probably saved me at least $200 in repair costs. Got the front panel off, drain hoses disconnected, and voila, found a sock in the black drain hose. How it got there I’ll never know.

  46. Dave Prue said

    Awesome instructions!! Just got done with the repair. Low and behold, it was my 4 year old daughter’s winter mitten that was clogging it. I did, however, spend 67 cents on a different clamp that closes with a flathead screwdriver as opposed to fighting with the other clamp. Thanks for your post, and the savings!!!

  47. Yvonne said

    You are so wonderful for posting this information! Thank you for your help!

  48. Debbie said

    It worked great! This is the 1st time I tried to fix anything like this myself! This is an older machine and I thought if it does not work then what do I have to lose. I could not see paying someone to come work on it. Well I DID IT! The best is! At no cost to me! Thank You, so much! Debbie

  49. middlerage said

    Glad to hear about everyone’s happy results!

  50. Tom said

    Thank you for taking the time to make this detailed post. I followed your instructions and found a big chunk of my son’s back pack in the pump. The washer is now up and running again. You saved me tons of time and money. I likely would have called someone to do this if I had not seen your post.

  51. Anonymous said

    Fantastic! Took less than an hour to fix the washer!

  52. Anonymous said

    same here – thanks again – this worked like a charm. i had pillow stuffing stuck in my pump. this tutorial was easy and was back together in no time.

  53. Anonymous said

    I cannot thank you enough for posting this! It was a lifesaver and a pocketbook saver!

  54. It turns out my washer didn’t have the same affliction as yours, however your story gave me the courage to at least LOOK…. and I saw almost immediately after taking the front panel off that the black hot wire feeding the drain pump was pulled out of its connection… so thank you for helping me think I might actually be able to fix something.

  55. Amber said

    Thank you so much for posting this. I was afraid my washer was a gonner and since I would rather spend my money on food and diapers I googled how to fix it. It was exactly the same problem you had. A stuffed toy had come apart. And if you had not shown to look in the pump I would not have figured it out on my own. Thanks, You saved me.

  56. Anonymous said

    Great post!!

    I have an entirely different GE washing machine. Wouldn’t drain.
    So I took off back panel, removed all hoses connected to pump, to check for clogs. Found nothing. Pump spinning freely by hand. Assumed probably defective pump. Was just going to by another used unit, rather than trying to purchase and install a replacement pump. Put all hoses back on and for the hell of it decided to run a drain cycle with the back panel off – so to inspect pump operation. Immediately noticed that drain hose from the drum collapsed when pump engaged. Eureka! Obvious clog at drum drain (inside drum). Removed washer top assembly (putty knife). Reached down between drums and pulled out one of my daughters school shirts, sitting right of top of drum drain. As I post, I’m listening to the sweet sound of gushing water flowing into my laundry room sink!
    Although your detailed, yet easy to follow instructions did not specifically apply to my unit, they pointed me in the right direction. More than that, they gave me the inner belief that “this was something I could figure out and resolve”
    Less than 30 minutes after reading your post, and a new washer is now (hopefully) a distant purchase.

    Thanks for taking the time to post! Hope karma wanders your way.


  57. john said

    You saved my ass. Merry Christmas.

  58. carmenfelicitac@yahoo.com said

    Thank you so much. my husband is handicapped (wheel chair bound) we are on a fix restricted income. i haven’t start the project yet. but i say thank you ahead of time. God Bless people like you . Happy xmas 2011

  59. Sean said

    You are my newest hero/man crush. If nobody has told you recently…you kick ass! Thanks for the post. Happy Holidays!

  60. Joe said

    Thanks so much for taking the time to capture your experience! You helped me solve my little house crisis. Your step by step directions were perfect. Thanks again!!!

  61. Anonymous said

    Thanks for the good info, worked perfectly.

  62. Tom O said

    Great! and thanks! The black hose problem was there but took care of it by opening clamp wide, setting the clamp over the fitting, then slipping the hose over the fitting and under the clamp. The real key is to open it full wide.

  63. Tracy said

    I am yet another very grateful person for ur very informative and humor filled instructions that a friend had fond for me after hearin my tale of woe. I had read all the other posts and was really expecting to find a toddlers sock from when my Grandson was here. I did not find anything or real issue to be blocking my pipes or pump but had some grit and sand around the impeller (which i washed out). I have problems with grit in faucets from time to time probably because I am on a well for my water supply and often have to wash the screens out to maintain good water flow. I was still not that hopeful of success thinking some grit may not have been enough to cause problem. Ran rinse program with washer empty and it worked! After doing a dance of joy I foolishly put a load in and then it didnt work! So pumped out again with shop vac and took out soggy washing. Not to be defeated I ran a program empty and it worked !! Have found that if i wash a small load it works fine so Im guessing i must also have another issue, I would be grateful for any ideas. Until then I will muddle along with small loads and be thankful to be able to do that at least. Thanks again for ur time posting this remedy.

    • middlerage said

      Hmmm, what a mystery. Since I’m not a technician I can’t say why this might be. I could see a large load getting off balance. Is there any way to check between the tub and strainer? You might try following the links to the forums I post in the in beginning to see if someone else has the problem.

      • Tracy said

        Had same problem again today…and again nothing evident to cause blockage….wondering if pump is on its way out ….back working again after doing same procedure !! Has been fine all week on the smaller loads.

  64. I am a professional appliance repairman, and I must say that this is one awesome tutorial. To make it easier to reattach the hose and the clamp, use a bit of vaseline inside and outside the rubber hose. The hose will slip onto the pump with ease, the clamp will slide into place easier, and the pump will be a wee less likely to drip.

    And if you have a wet vac, use it to empty the tub, and then empty your vac, and use it again as you disconnect the hoses from the pump, for there is still half a gallon of water in the washer. Turn on the vac, position the vac hose close to the washer hose, and gently pull the washer hose free from the washer pump. Slide your already running vac hose into the washer hose and catch 90% of the remaining water!

  65. Tracy said

    Thanks for the help and advice

  66. marissa said

    Thank you so much for this article. I did the say thing with my sons stuffed animals. Thank you so much..

  67. Kat said

    Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank YOU!!! I just love how Goggle KNOWS EVERYTHING and it’s because ppl like you post things like this. I’m pretty sure my hubby was gonna start making me wash clothes in the bathtub because I broke the washer..LOL (we just bought a dishwasher 2 weeks ago so I wasn’t getting a new washer..lol)

    I had washed my kitchen throw rugs/runners. The backing on them crumbled! The black drain hose and drain pump was packed full. It looked like packed oatmeal. So we got it all cleaned out..hooked everything back up.. turned on washer and it still wouldn’t drain. I was sooo upset. I didn’t want to dip all that water outta that darn tub AGAIN (we don’t have a wet vac) I got to looking around where the black hose is attached to the washer tub.. it’s attached to like a .. I don’t know what to call it but like a small container.. I grabbed a flash light and noticed that container was packed full of rug backing.. ugh! lol We propped the washer back up & dipped all the water out… the black drain hose & drain pump was full again.. this time we went ahead and removed the white hose too (didn’t think to do that the first time).. it was also clogged! The containr was still full of rug backing and we didn’t know how to get it out… finally we set the washer flat on the floor.. water came gushing out.. oops.lol guess we should have put a pan or bowl under the hole first.. I grab a small cake pan.. handed it to my husband then I got a bowl of water to dump into the washer tub.. we did that a few times to get all that crap out of the container.. we put it all back together..turn on the washer and TA-DA!!! my washer is draining again.. YAY!..lol sheesh.. I never want to go through that again! I’ll start taking my throw pillows & throw rugs to the laundromat. Thank You soooo much!! I’m soooo glad I don’t have to wash my clothes in our tub with a washboard!! lol

    P.S. the suppositories DO work better when removed from foil!!.. who knew!?! haha πŸ˜‰

  68. Anonymous said

    thank you so much. I don’t even try anymore to figure things like this out. I just google my problem and sift through the answers till i come to some awesome person who walks me through it like this. I took me one hour to fix my situation(motor was clogged) and my wife thinks I’m the best now. Thanks again!!!!!

  69. Jenny b said

    This is amazinggg!! Exactly the issue i was having, and I was able to fix it myself, thanks to your informative tutorial! Now i’m just trying to figure out how to best use the money you saved me πŸ™‚ :p

  70. Mike said

    Yes, I did it!! I fixed my machine!!! Thanks so much much for posting this!!! Exactly what was wrong with mine as well.

  71. Rick Bradley said

    Great post!I’ll give it a try tomorrow and let you know how it worked out.

  72. RJ said

    Thank you so much for this guide. The washer quit draining on my wife. She left to go shopping and I fixed it. Turns out it was my mother in law’s knee high stocking. (she is staying over to help with our small children). I told my wife I called a plumber. I charged my mother in law $300. Sweet justice.

  73. BobA said

    Very helpful information and tutorial. Didn’t even have to go so far as to remove the pump (or manually drain the water)as somehow a sock had found its way inside the washer and was preventing the impeller fan from turning. Removed the sock, plugged the washer back in, turned to the appropraite portion of the cycle, and everything worked as it should.

  74. Shaina said

    Wonderful directions and very useful tips! Thank you so much for taking the time to post these directions along with pictures and useful links to other sites. I love the sense of self pride and accomplishment that ensues after being able to resolve life’s little mishaps!

  75. Jullie said

    Today is my b-day and the though of spending my b-day money on a new washer was not ideal. Followed your instructions and my washer is back to working again πŸ™‚ Yeah! Thanks for the post very helpful!

  76. vanessa w. said

    You have saved the day! Thank you so much for dedicating the time to share this detailed post. The same thing happened to us except with our dog’s bed. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  77. Tina said

    I am a single mom, working her butt off to send her daughter to college.. Imagine my suprise when my washer wasn’t draining this morning… I sat down and burst into tears.. Praying to God…the first thing that popped up on my internet search was this site.. I was able to follow your instructions and clean out my dogs blanket stuffing and WHAM!!! My washer is back up and working!! AMEN!!! Thank you sooo much! You were totally sent from above!! πŸ™‚

  78. Zack said

    Saved me! Thank you!

  79. Anonymous said

    I am a single mom of 4, all I have to say is THANK YOU!!! Your step by step directions were a true life saver!

  80. ginger cunningham said

    Thank you so much for this post! Exactly what the problem was!! Darn Fluff!! Followed your directions, and washer is now working!!!

  81. Gratefull said

    Thanks. Your tutorial was dead on. The most difficulty was getting frt. panel off and black hose/clamp reattached as you indicated. Ended up using a screw type hose clamp. Hope it won’t loosen with the vibration…..Cause of drain blockage was bath rug backing deterioration completely blocking black drain hose…

  82. Anonymous said

    Thanks so much for posting this….ours had this exact problem and I am so glad we didn’t need to pay to have it repaired! Working good as new!

    • Anonymous said

      Thanks. Dog bed made a mess. There was so much insert in the drum. I had to repeat the process 3 times. Everything is good now.

  83. Carey Nettles said

    Your information worked beautifully. My wife washed our son’s pillow and it ripped during wash and fluff was EVERYWHERE in the washer tub. Washer worked okay for 1 1/2 weeks until yesterday no draining. I found your blog and viola followed it to draining perfection. Thank you so much.

  84. Bryant said

    Just finished cleaning out the pump boot. All kinds of stuff in there including the credit card I lost last year! Washer is doing a test run now. … Thanks my wife thinks I’m great!

  85. Juan said

    Fixed my WHDSR316G0WW using this great guide.Thank you very much.

  86. M B said

    Took the pump off, not clogged, tested pump, works fine. Any ideas?

    • middlerage said

      Not being a technician, all I can recommend is looking in the pipes to and from the pump. To be sure there is no clog in there. Another reader said to look between inner and outer drums – tho not sure how that is accessed.

  87. Anonymous said

    Thank you so much! You directions were incredibly detailed, clear and easy to follow. Also had pillow stuffing in mine….grrr! My husband was thrilled when he got home from work and I had already fixed the washer. Dreaded black tube stalled my progress…found it easier to re-attach before re-bolting pump to base. You saved us tons…big grin!

  88. bree said

    Done all this to find no clog 😦 flooded my washroom has to b electrical or something thanks for the how too was gr8 unfortunatly didn’t work for me my washer was doin same thing won’t drain n hummed during the drain and spin cycle what a bummer happy repairing everyone

  89. Steve said

    Thanks for the help… Sure enough the pump was clogged…The family went to the beach and must have brought home all of Laguna Beach… That pump was packed with sand solid..I vacuumed the sand out mith my shop vac and we are back in business….

  90. Amanda said

    Thanks for this article!! Saved me from having to call a repair man! I didn’t have a shop vac but just drained the water into a bucket & then into a smaller pan when that got too tall. Very little mess!

  91. Scott said

    Did the same thing here, saved me bills, thanks man

  92. Anonymous said

    heck ya!!!!!!!!!! Awesome instructions, Easy as pie, so glad i looked here, Thank you so much

  93. beverly said

    Thank you so much!! My washer is working again… mine was clogged with dirt!!

  94. evie802 said

    Thank you for taking time to do this blog, My dad was a mechanic and did not think to show his daughters how to fix washers. Thanks to you I was able to guide my husband and learn how to fix it.. My washer was clog with beach sand!! But its working GREAT πŸ™‚

  95. Lynette said

    Woot! Woot! it turned out that stuffing was wrapped around the fan of the pump, but I couldn’t have done it without your post. Thanks so much!!

  96. marie said

    i want to thank you for this wonderful info.my machine wasnt spinning or draining. my husband and i followed your instructions and sure enough we had about a cup of sand clogged everywhere.we cleaned it out and now im back to washing clothes.. this blog was a godsend.. thanks..

  97. Deeply Appreciative said

    You are what the internet truly is about. My deepest appreciation that you took the time and energy to share all this with the world. I hope that every person that uses your free self-help tutorial will in turn find others to help ‘just because’. You’ve made the world a better place πŸ™‚

  98. Shane said

    Hello all, here every one is sharing these knowledge, thus it’s pleasant to read this webpage, and I used to visit this website daily.

  99. G-Daddy said

    Another happy handyman. Found a weird hard piece of flat plastic and some pillow stuffing/lint. Your blog made it very easy to fix and I look like a hero around my house. I just love the internet.
    Thank you for taking the time to cheat GE out of 99 washing machine sales.

  100. Anonymous said

    Wow! Thank you sooooo much! If it weren’t for this blog we’d probably be at Sears right now plunking down $500+ that we don’t have on a new washer. And all for nothing more than a baby sock stuck in the pump.

  101. Brian Hey said

    Great Post
    I used the husky shop vac and cleared out both hoses, took apart the pump and cleaned it.
    Then I found a kids sock in the shop vac that must have been my clog.
    Thanks for taking the time to make this post.

  102. Mel said

    Yet another satisfied reader! Thanks for your Instruction and humor! I found apair of undies in the drain motor was the culprit. My washer was only three years old and I fixed it alone, while my husband was at work! This was after my friend’s husband came over, replaced the magnet and was puzzled as to why it wouldn’t work. Thank goodness I didn’t call a repairman or buy a new washer. I’m so grateful to you. Thanks for taking the time to help other people. God bless!

  103. Lillybelle said

    Yay! I found this very useful, and saved myself money by DIY directions! The culprit was a baby sock πŸ™‚ I am happy I could fix it. Thanks!

  104. Anonymous said

    Thanks very much…a kid’s headband got me clogged up. A simple DIY remedy (except hooking black pump hose back up…I used vise grips). Thanks!!

  105. Anonymous said

    You rock! Great instruction, batting from a comforter was the culprit!

  106. John said

    Great walk through! I followed your steps and found a safety pin had gotten into the pump. Now runs like new!

  107. Sree said

    Another success story….another feather in your cap. Thanks a ton.

  108. Gary said

    I had looked at a few how to sites before I came across yours and after reading yours I must say THANK YOU… Here it is two days before Christmas, with the in-laws already on the way for a week stay with their new grandbaby. (oh boy for me) and you know I can’t get a Service Tech out here until two days after Christmas. The problem I was having was the washer would not drain and the wife says a there was bad rattle for the last week or so. What I found was a frozen impeller which I was able to free and clean up to at least get me thru until the one I ordered gets here and a loose tub and that shield got tightened up. So now we are pumping faster and quieter than before and didn’t have to give another guy a chunck of my $$$$$ THx

  109. kevin said

    i washed a cotton pillow and this happened to me, i saved money because of you! thanks

  110. Found a paper clip. Thanks.

  111. TM said

    This was great! Thank you so much. I had already paid someone once, only to find out that my sons sock had clogged the hose. When it happened again, I was very frustrated. My husband is deployed and I had never done anything like this before. I found part of my sons pillow pet in the pump. Getting the hose back on was extremely difficult but I feel such as sense of accomplishment. Thank you.

  112. TLD said

    It is amazing how your directions continue to help people over the years!! A small chain necklace was wrapped around the pump. My washer may be 17 years old, but removing a necklace is a heck of a lot cheaper than a new washer. Thank you so much:)

  113. Hollie Blanchard said

    Oh my goodness; you arena saint!!!! My husband and I just followed your directions and fixed our washer ourselves!!! Thanks to lint from a pillow it was clogged!!!! I can’t say thank you enough!!!!!

  114. Anonymous said

    Thank you so much for your detailed explanation. You saved us a lot of money and time. You are a very nice person.

  115. Anonymous said

    Perfect! Thanks this was great!

  116. Anonymous said

    WOW, had called repair man who wanted $80 just to show up 2 days from now. I do probably 4 loads of laundry a day for my husband, 2 sons and 2 dogs. Dog bed batting was the culprit. Thanks to you, I’m taking that $80 and paying it forward. Thanks so much!!! red-headed-deb

  117. Anonymous said

    Thank-you, thank-you. A sock was our mysterious culprit. How did a sock get into to the pump? Maybe that’s were all missing socks go? Thank you again!

  118. Anonymous said

    Thanks so much!! I read the instructions to my husband as he worked. He-I mean we-had it up in running in 5 minutes. It was a 3inch strap from cooler bag caught in the pump impeller.

  119. Anonymous said

    Thank you. You’re instructions brought my washer back to life!!

  120. Matthew & Shannon said

    Add another heaping helping of thank yoooooos to your list! Removed pesky lil stuffing ball from impeller housing – back up & running in about an hour or so … stay bless’d brother πŸ˜‰

  121. Mary said

    This was a great post. If anyone knows the capacity/size of the GE Profile Washers (mine is WASR3110) can you post it?

  122. Anonymous said

    Thank you so much for your detailed instructions. My hubby was at work and I was able to do this myself. It ended up being a small piece of fluff from a dog bed I washed a couple weeks ago.

  123. David said

    Excellent instructions! I have a GE model that wasn’t listed above but these directions worked perfectly for my unit. I was execpting the worse (having to replace the pump or worse the entire machine) however after removing the black hose I found one of my daughters socks clogging the pump. Don’t know how it got there but I’m greatful for these very detailed and simple instructions. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  124. greg said

    Will this method work on a stackable washing machine

  125. krystina said

    We have used these instructions twic. Now I just need to stop washing pillows.

  126. Anonymous said

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Fluff from torn pillow was the culprit here as well…

  127. Anonymous said

    Yes, this worked perfectly…thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  128. GP said

    Bearings will go after two years. These units are not made for everyday use or heavy duty use. The reason they are loud is because the balance system is cheaply designed and to many heavy clothes jeans will off balance and create a less than stellar noise. We have had numerous problems with the washer. The dryer seems fine. The stove well lets just leave it at pos. Glass tops do not last burners fail bridge burner fails. I have a repair man in the family and when the bearings go its more expensive than to just replace it and no not with GE they will never be installed in any of my homes ever. Quality is poor. Repair men make good monies they just dont work alot on residential. I am sure that a stolting machine or the d and d coffee or ice maker or coolata or mcd equipment, panara bread, circle k, cumberland farms the list goes on. The new equipment these days and regulations are detailed and expensive to run. Chillers, soft serve. brewers all of these are maintained by repairmen. These guys and girls have to know there stuff more so than a mechanic especially heavy lifting, extensive drive times, diagnostics, pms, ac. power. Its incredible the vast array of equipment that is out there. So next time you look at a washer or dryer think twice about the look and see the performance of the unit. Pretty colors and digital readouts dont clean the clothes.

  129. Anonymous said

    YOU ARE A AMAZING! Saved us money and time. We did not want to bother with a repair, so we had started looking for a new washer. This was a life saver! And, my boyfriend was impressed that I fixed the washer. *Thumbs up*

  130. Sherri said

    You are such a BIG help. Thank you so very much for saving us time, money, and stress. Your instruction and pictures helped me figure out what was wrong and how to fix it quickly. After removing the clothing, we had it fixed in less than an hour (even with using the wet vac to remove a full tub of water.) Our clog was due to a kids sock. Once again thank you and God Bless.

  131. Erika said

    Yay I’m adding another comment to the list of success stories. Couldn’t have done it without these instructions! Mine was also a pillow pet that came apart in there. AND I was able to get the fluff out of the black tube without even bothering unclamping it (since I kept reading how difficult it was to get back on). It took me forever to get the white tube disconnected (this mama must be very weak!) but once I did that, I just unscrewed the cap off the pump and got into the black tube that way- using a vacuum hose to suck out all the fluff. Then it took me forever to clamp the white tube on again! So I was glad I didn’t even touch the black tube clamp— just so people know it is possible to do it without having to do that part!

  132. amberlina said

    Amazing!!!!! My husband decided to wash 2 old rugs and fill up the pump with sand and dirt. Followed your step by step instructions and saved us hundreds of dollars. My washer is fixed and I’m back todoing laundry. Thank you so much!

  133. Arlene said

    Thank you so much for this tutoral!! I am a single mom with not a lot of extra funds at all and this saved me LOTS!!! This was easy because of you and if I can do this, anyone can. So THANK YOU a million times over!! Btw I drained my tub manually by lowering the outside hose into a big bucket at floor level before starting this process and there was very minimal water leakage during. Thanks again!!

  134. I did a bit of googling after I read this article and comments… here is a great resource with an entire video of how to do it…

  135. forgot to give you the URL to the actual site: Partselect.com

  136. Here is what I found in my pump! I linked this article to my youtube video so folks can connect the dots…


  137. […] It’s the most-hit page on his blog (last I heard), and for good reason. Here’s the tutorial, in case your washer’s not […]

  138. James W. said

    After reading both the initial post, and then watching the video posted by Jake……..we went from thinking the washer was broke, to realizing the pump needed to be replaced………to simply watching the video, following the simple directions (which caused us to find one of the baby’s socks stuck in the pump)……..to up and running with a load of clothes, all in less than an hour, saving us at a minimum $200.

    Doesn’t the internet simply rock the free world? It’s no wonder Encyclopedia companies all went out of business!

  139. Heather R said

    Thank you so much for this post and how detailed it was. I washed a throw pillow a couple of days ago and then went to wash yesterday. My husband said I think something is wrong with the washer and sure enough it wouldn’t drain. I was about to Google a repair man bit q st decided to see if it could be a possible home repair. Luckily enough my hubs was home from work and we got it taken apart. Sure enough stuffing from the pillow. Again thanks a bunch.

  140. Jersey Joe said

    Thanks a million! A sock was the culprit!

  141. My he washing machine knocks and goes crazy on the last spin and then my clothes
    Are still wet ???? How do I fix this problem

  142. Anonymous said

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! We tried to wash an old Raggedy Ann doll and she came apart in the washing machine. Machine would not drain at all. I followed this video and had a clogged drain full of batting. Removed it and we are up and running again. You are correct. The clamp on the large hose was a major pain. Thanks and God Bless You!

  143. PaulM said

    Well done article that helped me quickly get to the problem. I normally fix all my stuff but the pump was new. I had the electrical hum so I thought it was plugged. I drained the water but still had a few gallons come out when the hoses came off despite tipping the washer as shown. I used the shop-vac to pull the water as it came out the top. The pump was not plugged. The motor armature was just full of dirt and grime after 17 years of service. I removed the unit, sprayed carb cleaner and cleaned off all the parts. I lubed the two bearings with small drops of oil and replaced the unit. It runs much faster and explains why my clothes were coming out of the spin cycle still wet. The pump was occasionally working and sometimes not. Now, it drains the washer very quickly. Thanks for taking time to post the article.

  144. Fantastic! Thank you so much for this helpful advice. With Christmas 10 days away it would have been impossible to afford a repair man. We had a few laughs and got it up and running in about an hour and a half!

  145. Jay Dawg said

    Thank you very much for this post. Being an unhandy fellow, I was able to follow your directions and find a baby sock lodged up against the pump. Saved me a lot of time and aggravation and of course money. THANK YOU!

  146. Anonymous said

    Terrific post and extremely helpful. Totally solved my problem. Awesome (but totally unhandy) hubby found instructions very easy to follow and pulled a ton of batting out. Washer is running like a charm now. THANK YOU!

  147. scooter said

    thank you so much. we did the same thing, washed a polyester filled/stuffed object. it broke open. pump was totally plugged! I fixed it myself in about an hour.

  148. Kuka said

    !!!!!!!!! The pump was clean and fine but there was a SOCK which got stuck right where the pipe (leading to the pump) connects to the washer. It got in there through the thin opening where the clothes gets loaded. πŸ™‚

  149. Grady said

    Thank you this made things much easier I have two comments. First: if you take the 4 screws off the top of the control panel there is an instruction sheet w/electrical diagram and instructions on opening the washer and accessing all the parts, including motor, belts etc. if you are facing the front of the washer it is upper left corner in back if look you can see it behind the back panel. Second I think you need toake it clear that to open the front you do it from the outside, using a putty knife just line up on the grooves outside edge of top lid, and slide the putty knife straight in. Anything flat and wide will work, I had BBQ tools hanging. On the wall used a metal spatula and it popped right open.

  150. Anonymous said

    Instructions were great. I found a tiny allen wrench that i was able to remove. Works like a champ now. Thanks

  151. Anonymous said

    You saved me a boat-load of money. Indeed, a sock had gotten into the pump and seized the impeller. Thanks, mate!

  152. Anonymous said

    All I can say is “WOW”! Thanks for the great instructions which helped to repair my washer. I retrieved a hair pin from the pump (didn’t think that was big enough to cause a problem but oh we’ll). I can’t stop patting myself on the back…btw the tip about putting Vaseline on the hose to replace it helped tremendously. Thank you a million times over!

  153. lana said

    Thank you so much…just shared your link on my Facebook..it worked…sock was the culprit and I feel proud…and saved money

  154. Anonymous said

    Thank you. Great instructions. Had a paperclip jamming the pump.

  155. Josh said

    Thanks a million for the easy to follow step by step instructions. I’ve never been much of a handy man but this was very easy to follow and was the exact problem. Thanks again.

  156. Judy Roark said

    Thank You so much!!! Great and easy directions….My problem was from washing a rug and fell apart….I scraped most of it it out of the tub..however…that and a bra wire ended up near the pump…when we first removed the Black and White piping…we saw nothing…reached inside the pump itself…and there it was….so much stuff gathered together…looked like a dead rat!!!! LOL Took about 10 mins all together…again….TYSM!!!!

  157. Richare said

    I am very much challenged mechanically speaking. I read this tutorial. Took about 40 minutes ( I am slow ) and shizamm it is up and running. Thanks !! Made me very happy not to have to replace it.

  158. I got this web site from my pal who shared with me about this site and at the moment this time I am
    browsing this web page and reading very informative articles or reviews here.

  159. Michelle m said

    Found a wire blocking the pump. Thanks for excellent instructions.

  160. Allen Y said

    Stuffing from a dog’s bed clogged the pump. Time to complete was less than 30 mins including wet vac water removal!

    • Anonymous said

      just wanted to add that after 3 loads it ended up stopping again doing the same thing-stopped mid cycle full of water. Luckily I took your advice and hadn’t put the panel back on yet. I did the same steps over again and it was the same problem from before (I am never buying a pillow pet again!). Now it works like a charm again! I have done over 8 loads since and not a single problem. Thanks again!!

  161. Anonymous said

    You rock! Stupid pillow pet too! I was thrilled to have this fixed in 30 min. If you don’t have a wet/dry vac, I would look into borrowing one from a neighbor cuz it saved me a lot of trouble from water going everywhere once the hose was unclamped. Thanks again!!

  162. Carol said

    Thank you so much for your help!!!!! My husband was able to do everything you said.

  163. Todd said

    Thank you so might for your insight. Its amazing how such a small thing can cause so much grief. Thank you for taking time to allow others to learn from you. It was exactly the problem.

  164. Ralph said

    Thanks so much for this detailed step step solution! I have one question. While removing the hose, a lot of water drained on to the outside of the pump. Should I wait for the inside of the washer and the parts to dry before starting her up again? Thanks!

  165. Brett said

    Thank You so much for posting this it worked perfectly and saved us having to have a repair man out!

  166. Nancy said

    I’m not sure how many people have seen this page and not said thank you, there must be a bunch since the page was among the top results on Google. I want to commend the author. This is by far the most explicit and helpful page I’ve found.

    I took the pump out as described here. THANK YOU for being so detailed!

    No one else mentioned to be cautious of the sharp edges on the metal… or that it is better to tip the washer to the left rather than backward (Tipping it was a great idea!)

    There was no blockage on the impeller. My issue was not a problem with the pump… but this page led me to where the actual culprit was. There was a lot of grit coming out of the hoses… grit I recognized from sweeping my bathroom. My daughter had washed my decrepit bathroom rugs (and of course she didn’t mention that they came out of the washing machine very wet… she just hung them outside to dry.) That grit was the overly dried out rubber backing. The entire stretch of white plastic behind the pump was packed solid with the small bits of rubber. I had to actually take that out of the washer and go outside to use the spray nozzle on the hose (repeatedly) to get about 80% of it out… the last little bit was very resistant, but I was determined. I ended up having to chisel the blockage out with a long screwdriver. It was like mortar! My washer is now running fine.

    To add sugar on top… the floor under the washer has been well cleaned too. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for showing me how to save not only the cost of repair but the cost of travel as well (I live an hour away from the city and every repair place I’ve talked with says they start the clock when they leave the office… so I pay an hour extra for every repair call.)

    Hmm… since I did the repair during the wee hours of the morning while my daughter was at her apartment, maybe I should tell her I had to get a repairman out … and have her pay me for repairing the washing machine… why not, she doesn’t pay to do the laundry or even buy her own detergent. πŸ˜€

  167. Chris said

    Thank you so much for this info. My son and I were able to follow your instructions and, sure enough, we found a chord stuck in the pump. It’s now working fine. Thanks again.

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  169. Trying to see if I’m having the same issue, and can hopefully get the same fix?? The water that is remaining in our washer is actually BETWEEN the inner and outer tubs. After full cycle there is 0 water inside the washer, but upon ‘bumping’ it, it’s quite apparent that there is roughly 1-3+ (I think there’s a quite bit more) gallons of water still standing between the tubs. Help!!

    FYI – think that this is the issue as I have 1 German shepherd and 2 cats who shed constantly!! However, hubby thinks I’m wrong 😳.

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  172. Anonymous said

    Thank you so much. Fixed the plugged machine. Instructions were great…Will not wash throw rugs in my machine again,ever….

  173. Jamie Neikirk said

    Thank you so much. Took all the hoses off, no clogging, took the housing apart (my model had screws holding the housing together not a snap lock) and found a staight pin that was keeping the impeller from moving. Problem fixed. It had nothing to do with a clog, but could not have found that without your instructions.

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  175. Stephen Cronmiller said

    In my case, there’s a slight twist although these instructions were invaluable. It was a “Hand Wash Only” Dog bed my decided to wash. The seam split and the Dacron Poly came out sure enough but never made it into the pump. It was light enough that it floated on the top and the agitation got it spread through the interior, including wrapping around the shaft for what I believe is the cooling fan for the motor.

    I got most of it off, it spun anyway, and by this time after emptying the tub, finding this information which allowed br to get the front off I guess the thermal had reset so I was good to go!

    Thanks for the helpful post!!

  176. Eve said

    Amazing tutorial! With help from a friend who had a wet/dry vac we were able to get rid of the water, open the drain pump and we found a sock in it! Don’t know how it got there, but we got it out. Didn’t have Vaseline so used Vicks vaporub and it worked well, too. Thank you Jesse.

  177. Courtney said

    My husband followed your directions, and fixed our washer too!! Thank you! Our culprit was a baby sock!

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  179. Anonymous said

    Wonderful instructions! Sock in the pump! Thanks.

  180. Anonymous said

    Add me to the list of people this article has helped… thanks!!!

  181. Anonymous said

    Thank you so much. The clamps were the most difficult to handle. Because of you I had success!


  182. This saved me the cost of hiring a repair tech, thanks so much! I would not have expected it to be so simple to disconnect, remove, unclog the pump but using your guide it took me 30 minutes. Really thank you so much!

  183. Karen said

    Thanks for your instructions. I washed a couple of rugs and it clogged my washer. Used your guide and done in 39 minutes. But that is because my husband wanted to over sea it. πŸ˜‰thanks again.

  184. Janice cook said

    Just bought 2nd hand one could you tell me how to connect drain hose all hoses were off don’t know where drain one goes.


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  188. Elena said

    Thanks. Worked like a charm.

  189. Lynn Colby said

    5 years later and this post is still helping πŸ™‚ Thank you so so much!!! I have never repaired anything before, but you made it so easy πŸ™‚ A little flat rock was causing the trouble. Thank you!!!!!!

  190. I did not read all of the comments so if someone else said this then I will have to say it again. Thank you for the post it was helpful! My drain pump needed replacing and the GE replacement pump looks nothing like the one in the pictures above (nor mine). Rest assured, there’s a third mounting hole in your washer (prolly) and it will fit and work without problems.

  191. Thanks for some other great post. Where else may just anybody get that type
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  192. Kevin said

    Try using the shop vacation to suck out the last bit of water by removing the drain hose from the wall then use the shop vacation to finish sucking 99% of the water out! I had only a tablespoon of water drip out of the water pump when I unhooked the hoses. Great tutorial!! Worked great.

  193. Brooks said

    Thank you for such detailed instructions. They were great and my washing machine is back in action, THANKS TO YOU!! You saved me about $225.00 for a service call and possibly parts because most repairmen would have replaced the pump. Thanks again!!!

  194. Anonymous said

    thanks a sock in the pump can you belive it

  195. Becca said

    Wow! Awesome help, thanks so much!! I am a 24 year old woman and I did it all by myself ! Anyone can do it with a little patience πŸ™‚

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  197. hi.im said

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  198. It’s really a cool and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful information with
    us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks
    for sharing.

  199. Terry said

    April 2016 and your post is still helping people. (A pillow lost its stuffing in my washer today.) THANK YOU!!!

  200. Megan from Ohio said

    Thanks for the info pulled a nasty sock out of the black rubber tube!!! saved me $60 service fee + repair cost thank you so much!!

  201. Matt said

    6 years later and this advice is still rock solid. In my case it was a bra under wire that worked itself all the way into the motor. It was literally stabbing the spinning blade thing. The hardest part was putting the stupid clip back on but once that fixed it back into perfectly working condition. Thank you!!! Those damn under wires nearly destroyed my dryer as well.

  202. Jennifer said

    This was incredibly helpful! I have a GE washer that stopped working and just made a humming sound and I had just washed some sandy beach towels so I googled GE washer clogged and this was perfect step by step info! I’m a girl with some tools and went for it and fixed the clogged pump myself. πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  203. Joel said

    Crossing my fingers…..I found that the cotton was wrapped up around the motor. I cleared all the cotton and then drained the water out with the washing machine. I didn’t disconnect any hoses. Just turned it on.

  204. Anonymous said

    This is outstanding, super helpful. Found a stone in my motor keeping it from turning / draining. A stone right? Cripes.

  205. Anonymous said

    Great post. We followed the instructions and it resolved our problems. Saved time and lots of money. Thank you

  206. Phillip Vasquez said

    Thank you it was very helpful and I know it saved me some money .

  207. Anonymous said

    Very helpful. Thank you. Culprit was a small sock.

  208. Mike D said

    Thank you. My washer wouldn’t drain after washing a dog bed that I found outside, which was extremely dirty. Found this page. Was like: that seems hard. Called a repair guy. I live in a very rural area, and he said it was going to be $250 just to come out to me, plus $75 to fix it. Immediately decided this didn’t seem THAT hard. Got the pump out and it was completely clogged with dirt/mud/sand. Cleaned it out, put everything back together (trying to get those clamps on at the end was hard AF with my tiny pliers, eventually borrowed my neighbors regular sized ones), and the washer is now working great. Major karma coming your way every time someone uses this site to fix their washer. Namaste.

  209. Tara Philcox said

    Omg!!!! Thank you so much!!! Same exact sorry here, except mine was an accent pillow…

  210. Sarah said

    Thanks for this! Same issue, stuffing (from a blanket) was in the exact same space. Saved so much money and was a great learning experience.

  211. Christian said

    Thank you soo much!!!!! It worked!

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  219. Anonymous said

    02/18- had the same problem. Followed instructions and it worked perfect. Had a baby sock in motor. Not sure how it got there but easy to take out. Thank you for the help. Saved me buying a new washer and I feel like a stud fixing it:):)

  220. Nins said

    I’m writing this post 8 years after the original was written. I just want to say that this post helped me fix my Profiler washing machine all by myself. I’m a 54 year old female that is somewhat electronically savvy but not a lot. I followed the directions on this post literally, and lo and behold I fixed my washing machine all by myself!!!!!! Didn’t cost me a penny and took me less than an hour!!! and true to the post, the most difficult thing was dealing with the clamps on the hoses. and also dealing with cleaning up the water but I did not have a lot of water because I emptied out the washing machine before I started. So ladies go for it! You can do it!!!!!! thank you for this post!

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  222. quin said

    I’m about to undertake your great instructions–fingers crossed that it fixes my machine’s problem. I wanted to send a quick note, though, that the 2nd link you were kind enough to share, no longer works: http://www.fixya.com/support/t14312-washer_drain

  223. Anonymous said

    Thanks, found a rock in the pump

  224. Anonymous said

    Thank you for this! Worked perfectly! Take the tip about having the shop vac by the hoses when you first disconnect them too.

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